We are excited to launch a new HISSandaROAR Sound Design Challenge!

So what do you have to do?

Design and mix the sound for the mute video below

1. The only source material allowed is the SD030 NOISE SOURCE TestPot (file list below)
2. Design, edit, manipulate, process & mix the sound to picture, and output a new video with your new sound mix
3. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo
4. Take a screenshot or photo of your edit session, and save it as a JPG, max width = 1024px
5. Send an email to containing your name, a link to your video and attach the JPG screenshot
6. The deadline is 9am June 1st – NZ time, no entries will be accepted after this time.
7. one entry per person

Feel free to make your video unlisted on Youtube or password protected on Vimeo if you want to.

Download the video and the SD030 NOISE SOURCE TestPot via LINK EXPIRED (247.7MB Download)


The prize is a free copy of next HISSandaROAR Library: SD030 NOISE SOURCE
We plan to give away at least ten copies of the new library, but we would be very happy to give away many more than that if your entry impresses us….



NOISE Circuit Bent Game Digital Hash.wav
NOISE Doepfer A118 Module White Noise.wav
NOISE Korg MS10 Pink Noise.wav
NOISE Quantum Rainbow Module 1 White Noise.wav
NOISE Quantum Rainbow Module 2 Red Noise.wav
NOISE Quantum Rainbow Module 3 Grey Noise.wav
NOISE Radio DSE 1 Shortwave Burst.wav
NOISE Radio DSE 2 Shortwave Weird.wav
NOISE Radio Sony Hifi Tuner Static.wav
NOISE Radio Yaesu Static 1.wav
NOISE Radio Yaesu Static 2.wav
NOISE Radio Yaesu Tone 1 Bass.wav
NOISE Radio Yaesu Tone 2.wav
NOISE RF Nomad Module Static.wav
NOISE Roland SH101 White Noise.wav
NOISE Vinyl 1 SL1200 Stylus On Label.wav
NOISE Vinyl 2 SL1200 Surface Noise.wav

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