Local Marinas

Did some recording at my local Plimmerton Boat Club, with strong NW wind the wires in masts etc was quite loud and arrhythmic!

Mana Marina is also quite close to my house, but is much more sheltered as is in Porirua Harbour a bit… This ambience was quieter but could still hear distant wind in wires from boats out at the entrance, which would catch the wind more…

I’ll revisit both these locations a bunch more times in different conditions…




New Project – Bamboo Forest

Might not look much at the moment… but about 5 years from now, these should be 3m tall and perfect for recording an ambience library called Bamboo Forest! I did the same with a crop of corn a year or two ago, although that was faster & tasty! Playing the long game… Also to add, these are ‘Wang Tsai’ species bamboo which is clumping and non-invasive.



Junk Store Prop Shopping

Visited Overflow in Mayfield, my favourite junk store and scored some great sonic props!!

The biggest spring I’ve ever seen!!
It would be 300mm diameter, 2 metres long…
& does laser klangs like a mofo!
(Its actually an auger eg for feeding grain into a silo, truck or trailer)



35mm platter from a projector



70mm platter from a projector!



A couple of very large, very resonant pots



A resonant tray, 2 egg cup springs and a big heavy old cowbell!


Good shopping!!



UPDATE: Me & my Dad went for drive on Sunday, and we managed to call past Overflow for a quick second visit… And guess what? I bought a second large spring/auger! I thought buying the first one was already nuts as it is so large it’s quite hard to fit in the car! But after playing with it a bit & thinking about its potential (bass shaker/contact mic effected loop with feedback) I just had to go back & get the second one…. They are both similar length – about 2 metres = 6.5 x 12″ vinyl/feet


a GIANT stereo spring reverb with cross feedback loops is in my future!