New Project – Bamboo Forest

Might not look much at the moment… but about 5 years from now, these should be 3m tall and perfect for recording an ambience library called Bamboo Forest! I did the same with a crop of corn a year or two ago, although that was faster & tasty! Playing the long game… Also to add, these are ‘Wang Tsai’ species bamboo which is clumping and non-invasive.



Junk Store Prop Shopping

Visited Overflow in Mayfield, my favourite junk store and scored some great sonic props!!

The biggest spring I’ve ever seen!!
It would be 300mm diameter, 2 metres long…
& does laser klangs like a mofo!
(Its actually an auger eg for feeding grain into a silo, truck or trailer)



35mm platter from a projector



70mm platter from a projector!



A couple of very large, very resonant pots



A resonant tray, 2 egg cup springs and a big heavy old cowbell!


Good shopping!!



UPDATE: Me & my Dad went for drive on Sunday, and we managed to call past Overflow for a quick second visit… And guess what? I bought a second large spring/auger! I thought buying the first one was already nuts as it is so large it’s quite hard to fit in the car! But after playing with it a bit & thinking about its potential (bass shaker/contact mic effected loop with feedback) I just had to go back & get the second one…. They are both similar length – about 2 metres = 6.5 x 12″ vinyl/feet


a GIANT stereo spring reverb with cross feedback loops is in my future!




Was stymied at a few locations today, but this was a good one! Rickedty old wharfs make me a little nervous, but Purau Bay wharf is solid as! I did an 8 track recording here with the usual MKH8040x2, MKH8020x2 and MKH70x2 plus a pair of H2A hydrophones! It will be interesting to see if there is any correlation between above water & under…

Took two attempts at this marina – first visit today & it sounded industrial, so I came back later in the day & they had knocked off for the day…

Much clank…

And a gentle waterlap