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Virtual Artist Residency

Deadline for submission for this first round is February 28th 2021!!

My aim with the HISSandaROAR Virtual Artist Residency is to support up & coming sound designers who are working on personal and/or non-commercial projects and research. Doing two Artist Residencies back in 2013 (Shodoshima, Japan and Little Huia, New Zealand) changed my life in profound ways.

A successful application will be very specific in what it aims to achieve, what resources I can provide to help and what outcome is desired. Another important aim of the VAR is to not burn my own time. I learned the hard way when I helped create the first crowd sourced sound library that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Accordingly this VAR application process is both completely open (ie pitch whatever idea you want to) but also very restricted. As that great Blaise Pascal quote goes I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.Take the time, do the mahi.


And a request: while this is an open call I would prefer if it was not shared on social media. I am not doing this as a form of advertising or promotion. My aim is to encourage non-commercial exploration of potential.


To apply for the HISSandaROAR Virtual Artists Residency, please use the form below.

Deadline for submission for this first round is February 28th 2021
On March 1st I will confirm via email that I have your submission, and whether I need any further information from you. Successful or not, all applicants will be contacted by March 20th with the results.

Maximum one application per person.

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Any future Virtual Artist Residencies will be announced via the mail list, sign up here