A source of great joy and inspiration for us comes from hearing about creative projects that use HISSandaROAR sounds. So if you have some work you are proud of, please share!

  • What was the project?
  • What was your role?
  • Which HISSandaROAR sounds did you find most useful?
  • Please include any link/s you’d like credited: your IMDB? Website? Portfolio?



    NOTE: If any part of your message is personal and not to be included in a testimonial, please clearly identify it. For example ‘Off the record: we….’

    A funny anecdote: Like most people I watched the very first episode of the first season of STRANGER THINGS and only a few minutes into EP1 a creature is heard from inside a lift, down a corridor. My sonic brain piped up: that’s a SEAL VOCAL!! This was 10 years after we released the SEAL VOCALS library and I had not listened to the seals since the release. But I know those sounds like the back of my hand!
    After the show ended I did a quick scan of the credits: ahar…
    Kudos to Craig Henigan & all the team – really great, iconic work!!