Strange Cargo

Back in the year 2000, I moved my life & work from Auckland to Wellington. In Auckland my studio had been in a building as part of The Inside Track, where I helped complete a few TV series and films. The move was made a little more challenging, due to breaking my leg at 2am on New Years morning. When I was checked into the hospital, the doc who saw me said something like ‘Ahar! First bone break of the new millennium!”
Imagine having to pack up your house & studio, and move cities, all while on crutches!

Anyway, I moved into a warehouse space in Jessie St, central city Wellington… And we started work on a TV series and a film, Stickmen, both of which motivated the relocation. We’d been working on the TV series, Street Legal, for about 2 months when a courier package arrived, addressed to me. It felt quite heavy, and seemed odd as I was not expecting anything… Turns out it was very odd!¬†This was entire the contents of the courier bag:

Who sends someone a brick, with a doll bound to it by rope!? There was no name or return address on the courier bag. I asked everyone I knew and apart from absurd theories, no one had any idea that lead anywhere… So I stuck it on a shelf at the back of my studio, and kinda forgot about it….

Months pass, and we are getting to the last episode of the TV series…
And guess what?

In the final episode, a creepy villain throws a brick through a window…
And guess what’s attached to the brick?
That freaking doll!

I rang the producer, to ask WTF…

He held the phone up & I could hear the entire production office having a laugh!

“We thought you might need it for sound FX recording”

Thank you very much!

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