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Dropping heavy objects on the deck makes the entire trailer shake, but the front wind shield is very rattly. So for the first set of recordings I have recorded impacts with the wind shield wrapped in blankets to muffle it. Then I removed the blankets and recorded more rattly versions.

Along with powerful impacts, movement was performed eg scrapes were recorded on the main steel flat deck and also on the front deck which is made of serrated steel, which creates really powerful friction, along with rolling a heavy wooden pole across the deck of the trailer.

These sound effects have use far beyond that of vehicle situations. Combining and mixing the mics leads to some very powerful metal impacts, from singular hits and drops to more complex clatters. With some processing these could even be designed for use as ‘trailer booms’ lol especially recordings from the CUX mics slowed down…

Recorded exterior using six mics:
– Sanken CUX100K LR
– Sennheiser MKH8040 LR
– Sennheiser MKH8050 C
– LOM Geofón on chassis to capture low frequency elements.
– a mixed version is also included, combining all mics with some dynamics control.

Check out the Making Of video to get a preview of these practical sound effects, captured 32bit 192kHz & released 24bit 192kHz with full UCS metadata & photos.