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956MB as 48 x 24bit 96kHz .WAV files • 499MB download
Single user license with full UCS metadata & photos.
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NOTE:this library is FREE until June 1st! 🙂

Last weekend I was sorting out part of my garden, where I had planted three Tamarillo plants. They had grown quite big and too tall for the site, so I got some cutters and lopped off a few branches, only to discover that some of the branches were almost hollow! They had a comb-like internal structure but obviously weren’t getting enough water. You can probably guess what happened next… How would they sound if I snap them? OH!! YES!!!

So the pile of branches I was about to dump on the compost heap suddenly got carefully collected up and stacked indoors. And this week I recorded them…
The variety is interesting. Some cracked VERY loudly when they broke. Some were more subdued but I also got some vice grips (large pliers) and crushed some, and twisted others.

While I had a pile of debris I also performed a few other ideas. First I wrapped the branch bits in a towell & captured shakes & drops. Next I took the vice grips & forcefully hit the bundle of twigs. Finally I dropped the pieces, as small debris elements.

It’s a useful little library, and I also did a mix pass, crushing them just to see how much dynamic I could remove in aid of maximum crunch. Those processed versions are also included.

Recorded 32bit 192kHz using Sennheiser MKH8040 LR, Sanken CUX100K LR and MKH8050 C, this new little library is released 24bit 96kHz with full UCS metadata and photos.