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When I was collecting up all the leftover parts from the Washing Machine & Dryer demolition I put the ring in the video above aside as it made such an unusual sound. Somehow it is a fully sealed part but over decades of use has almost filled with water, and when I picked it up & tilted it, the contained sound of the moving water instantly felt like liquid gurgling through pipes. But I was also intrigued as to how it would sound from the perspective of contact mics. As always they did not disappoint. When mixed together as per the preview video, the MKH8040 mics with the contact mics evokes an underwater tonality.

So I recorded it, to five tracks on the Mix Pre 10-II:
MKH8040 x2 + MKH8050 + TA Contact Mics x2

But I also did a comparison afterwards.
I got three large plastic water containers and took the same recording approach.
These are also potentially useful sounds, but they do not have the complexity of water and air bubble movement as the ring. My only theory is that the ring must have a lot of mouldings inside it which is causing the water to gurgle through complex paths. And being sealed, this also forces air bubbles to move – gravity versus pressure.

Weirdly the ring does not leak, so its a prop I will keep…
Quite an unexpected and useful sound from such an odd source!
Have a listen to the video and previews and you’ll see what I mean about the tone.

Recorded 32bit 192kHz with:
– Sennheiser MKH8040 LR
– Sennheiser MKH8050 C
– Trance Audio Inducer Contact Mics x2

These recordings are output 24bit 96kHz multitrack and unprocessed, with plenty of headroom.

Preview of RING water gurgles – MKH8040 then TA Contact Mics

Preview of PLASTIC BOTTLE water gurgles – MKH8040 then TA Contact Mics