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Acoustic 808?
This library contains four of my favorite acoustic bass drums:

– Pipe Band Marching Bass Drum
– Percussion Bass Drum ex Norman Gadd Collection
– Kick Drum Aquarian Super Kick II
– Large Rototom with Evans EQ Batter skin

Hits were performed with each drum using four mallets:
– Heavy rubber mallet
– Wool mallet ex Pipe Band for very soft attack
– Marimba mallet
– Hardwood drumstick

Recorded 32bit 192kHz in a dry room using four microphones:
– Sennheiser MKH8040 LR
– Sennheiser MKH8050 C
– Sanken CUX100K C

These recordings are output 24bit 96kHz multitrack and unprocessed, with full dynamic range intact and 10dB of headroom. Approx 10 takes per file, seperated by 1 second of silence for auto slicing.

Useful for designing stings, accents, hits & impacts… and BOOMS!

At half speed these recordings will make your subwoofer push air! The big rototom especially has lovely tuned resonance, which at half speed is acoustic TR808-ish… The demo audio has an example of each bass drum at real speed, and then half speed, as it steps through the four mallets.
The big percussion bass drum is almost too low at half speed, but the rototom is beautiful!
When auditioning studio speakers are required, preferably with a sub!