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653MB as 24 x 24bit 192kHz .WAV files • 384MB download
Single user license with full UCS metadata & photos.
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On the surface this little library is a new set of fireworks recordings, but my reason for recording them was to test out a theory. I wanted to see how well clip recovery works with 32bit float recording. I deliberately set fixed gains on my SD MixPre10-II with my MKH8040 pair (max SPL 142dB) and MKH8020 pair (max SPL 138dB)

Recording 32bit float 192kHz I released a dozen fireworks, which led to 32bit recordings with peaks ranging from -3.7dB to clipping 20dB over level. Loading these recordings into a 32/192 PT session I could easily recover the unclipped dynamics of the fireworks, and that is the first set of files included with this mini library.

For comparison I have also output some of the original clipped files as 24/192k and de-clipped them in Izotope RX, to enable direct A/B auditioning.

Lastly, this library also includes some examples of the original clipped 32bit float recordings, since if you do not own a 32bit float recorder you may never have had the experience of working with a 32bit float WAV file – it is like magic!

This library is also a great test for your favourite Compressor, Limiter & Transient Designer. We work to preserve the dynamic range so that you can crush it, as suits your project & aesthetics!
Also to add: if you’re new to hi rez recording, please do check out extreme pitch down with these files!! For example, the rockets sound haunting at 10% real speed..

NOTE: the clipped 32bit 192kHz source files provided must be edited in a 32bit float session to be able to unclip them using gain. Its also important to be aware that in ProTools the waveforms on 32bit float files still look clipped even when you reduce gain such that they are not clipped. It is only when you render them that a new waveform is calculated eg via Duplicate or 0dB Gain change AS plugin.