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This library contains some aggressive slicing, cutting, ripping, tearing and slashing woven plastic sacks.
One by one I basically tore these bags apart, and it soon became apparent there were two types of woven plastic sacks: one set clearly sounds more ‘plasticy’ while the second set has a softer tonality, almost like a fabric.

Sliced with a sharp knife, ripped with a blunt screwdriver and a handsaw, stabbed with a niwashi and a knife, slashed with a machete.

This library is also a form of recycling. It’s currently winter in New Zealand and when I run out of firewood I get sacks of wood offcuts from a local DIY store. The first time I cut a sack open I noticed the tonality – it’s surprisingly harsh and loud IRL, due to the very strong by being made from interwoven recycled plastic. So instead of putting the sacks out for recycling I saved them and had fun making a mess recording this library…