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I have an endless fascination with natural non-linear rhythms. While recording 100K METAL I tried spinning a couple of recently acquired props – two bells from a fire alarm – on top of the big metal tray. Of course the tray acted like a plate reverb, but the rhythm of the spinning intrigued me – especially as gravity broke down the spin into unstable wobbles
This week I revisited those recordings and tried the same props, spinning on wood surfaces. The sound is so lovely, especially the weird wobbly rhythm when one of the bells is released slowly, so it’s only just spinning before gravity pulls it down.

Watch the video and you’ll see exactly what I mean. They are such interesting natural non-linear rhythms, in a way related to the exponential rhythm of a bouncing ball (Coincidentally I just got the LADIK Bounce module! It is oddly mesmerising to sit & listen to a subby bass boom, bouncing in slow gravity! Example posted to the blog here)

Recorded 32bit 192kHz and released 24bit 192kHz this little library includes the Sanken CUX100K and the MKH8020 incase a solid mono image is useful.