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During food prep for Christmas I noticed the sound that those retro whipped cream dispensers make when loading a new gas cannister, so I borrowed one to record it. Turns out they use N2O (nitrous oxide) which helps keep the whipped cream cold, so I ordered some gas cannisters… But I didn’t want to spray whipped cream around my studio, so first I recorded the blast that occurs when releasing the gas into a balloon and then I tried the same but performing doppler passes by the mics.

Using the Sanken CUX mics pitched down a few octaves, the gas blasts make me think of the reverse thrusters on a space ship coming in to land (on a planet that has sound, of course!) – I’ve included a few repitched examples in the preview below.

Also included with the little library are some ‘nitrous release from balloon’ dopplers

And a note of caution. Nitrous Oxide is dangerous to inhale in uncontrolled circumstances. While your dentist may provide it for pain relief, be aware people do get addicted to it with one local case where a young woman was consuming 160 cannisters a day and experienced seizures, memory loss, hyperventilation syndrome, and paralysis.

Recorded 32bit 192kHz and released 24bit 192kHz this little library includes both the Sanken CUX100K and the Sennheiser MKH8040 mics, as they each capture the doppler movement with a different perspective. The MKH8050 is also included, incase a solid mono image is useful.

Check out the MAKING OF VID and the repitched examples via soundcloud player to get a quick idea of the range of sounds in this fun little library, which is now released and available for less than the cost of a coffee, with or without whipped cream!