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Maybe it is a rite of passage (unless you’re vegan) but finding and owning a leather jacket is also a useful asset for sound effects. I bought my first leather jacket in Los Angeles, a beautiful soft and very comfortable jacket that served me well. Many years later I bought a heavy-duty biker’s leather jacket with big zips and beautiful red tartan lining. Me and these jackets have had some experiences, but both are now retired and thanks to their age produce some lovely characterful leather creaks. After obsessing about extracting a wide range of leather sounds from destroying two couches, I figured it would be useful to record a small library of typical leather jacket sound effects.

Additional heavier leather creaks and moves were also performed & recorded using two recycled leather pieces from SOFA SMASH (all material is unique to each library – SD052 SOFA SMASH has more extreme leather moves, flicks, drags recorded exterior as well as in the studio)