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UFX005 CREAK Metal Fireguard

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Every time I go on a road trip, shooting photos and recording sounds, I try to stay in a variety of rental properties. Using Air BnB as well as local sites such as Book a Bach and Holiday Houses my criteria is either (a) a great view of landscape, water front, night sky etc or (b) a characterful house which hopefully contains interesting sounds. Once I arrive I first do a quick recce, checking all of the doors and any other objects with potential.

This cute old cottage was in the seaside town of Charleston, where I stayed while recording the CAVE AMBIENCES library. As it was winter, I used the fire and to access the fire I opened the old cast iron fireguard and almost cheered! It had a beautifully expressive, screechy metal creak!

I proceeded to record performances with this fire guard at various speeds, for about half an hour… the shrill nature and envelope of this sound is even more beautiful at half speed and quarter speed!