UFX004 WEEDEATER Start Run Moves Metal Hits

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UFX004 WEEDEATER Start Run Moves Metal Hits
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I had a strange experience a few years ago, when my studio was across the road from Park Road Post in Miramar. I was working away when I noticed a really strange sound coming from outside – it sounded a bit like shrapnel! After checking what it was my next instinct was to grab a recorder and capture some. It turned out some local council workers were doing maintenance on the enxt door park, using a weedeater aka strimmer. But whatever they were shredding was sending fragments flying against the corrugated iron fence that separated my building with the park.

More recently I ended up buying a weedeater, since living on a hilly site means a normal lawnmower only really works with 5% of my property. Every change of season I will get busy & shred the living hell out the weeds and grass that rapidly grows…

Mine is a Ryobi weedeater, which uses a tiny petrol engine to power a spinning head that uses plastic wire to cut weeds, grass and anything else that gets in its path. So apart from recording ‘normal’ weedeater behaviour close and wide, I also shredded a bit of that relocated shed from the SHED IMPACTS library!







UFX004 WEEDEATER Start Run Moves Metal Hits