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DIY FOG HORN Sound FX Library

While I love the creepy evocative sound of a fog horn, we don’t have any in New Zealand. So when I came across a Youtube tutorial of how to DIY build one I was intrigued, and a dozen videos later I was down the fog horn rabbit hole! I ordered some parts from an online irrigation company and got some pipe from a hardware store. Last year I bought an air compressor for a project and I figured this could be another use for it – to power my fog horns!

Once I had my first fog horn working, I began varying parameters to see what range of results I could achieve. Easiest was to extend the length of the trumpet and it was pretty soon sounding like a doom klaxon, thanks to some complex physics. Next I altered the scale, building larger fog horns which produced deeper and louder sounds but also had a lot of scope for manipulation due to the larger diaphram. Luckily I still had some large gauge downpipes from my gutters so extending the trumpet length was also impactful.

Next I went in the opposite direction of scale, creating two more fog horns – the smallest is tiny, using a 35mm film canister. These smaller fog horns are fun to play as the reduced capacity means they can be played using breath, rather than compressed air. After some practice & evolution, five of my six foghorns were possible to play with human breath, with only the very largest requiring the capacity & pressure of a compressor.

The main set of recordings were achieved in my foley studio, where the most experimentation took place. Subsequent recordings were achieved outdoors late at night, with my neighbours likely wondering WTF the strange sounds were echoing down the valley.

This library was captured 32bit 192kHz multitrack with an Sanken CUX100K at the trumpet end, and an MKH8040 pair medium wide. For exterior recording I also added an MKH8020 pair wide and an MKH70 pair pointed towards echos in the valley.

The resulting sounds have the potential to be iconic!
Haunting spooky blasts with interesting pitch and plenty of dynamic power to excite echos. And at half speed they really evoke their name sake.

These sounds are also rich territory for creature vocals, with throaty growls and deep powerful harmonics which vary with pressure and membrane manipulation.

Released 24bit 192kHz with full UCS metadata and photos, with 1 second of silence between takes for auto slicing and/or export.