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A sound effects library inspired by a meme?

I intervened with a clothes dryer that was destined for recycling, but was still relatively functional. First, I recorded my own empty dryer while adding small percussive objects. Then I added clothes and varied the small objects, resulting in rhythms that cycle but with variation. I started with a single coin, then a few coins, then some small stones, then larger stones, some washers, and bottle tops – recording with clothes & without.

Second, I took the old clothes drier and began to escalate the size & weight of objects. Using a chain & shackel, then a ratchet tie-down. Then some cables, kindling and larger firewood, and finally a few bricks and broken cinder blocks. At times I also added a big pair of wooly mallets to disrupt rhythms.

PSA: Do not try this at home!
I was working with a sacrifical dryer. The large objects inevitably dented the rotating metal tumbler of the dryer creating scrapey friction, and a potential electrical fire hazard. The final recordings are of an empty dryer which has a uniquely interesting scrapey cyclic friction. I’ll then totally disassemble it & find a use for the elements – for sounds & other things.

Recorded to six tracks, with
– Sennheiser MKH8040 LR
– Sennheiser MKH8050 C
– Trance Audio Contact Mics LR
– LOM Geofón LFE

First previews contain a mix then individual tracks (8040 > CNTCT > 8040 > Geofon)
Second preview contain a short mix from each library file.