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This library is a sequel to SD040 PLASTIC POLYMER except this time we’re exploring EPS:
EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE – a rigid, synthetic material that is over 90% air!
(also commonly known by the brand name Styrofoam)

Once you get past the annoying squeaks, polystyrene is capable of generating and amplifying a vast range of sounds, and I was reminded of what a sonically useful material it is when working on development of a new physical musical/sound FX instrument (more on that soon!)

The combination of rigidity and lightweight makes EPS a useful resonator but is also capable of generating quite strange sounds itself including creaks, squeaks & shrieks, breaks, tears, clicky ratchets, weird vocalisations (dolphins on acid?) and pitchy tumbling impacts.

Check out the MAKING OF VID for a quick preview. These sounds were recorded 32bit 192kHz using a pair of Sanken CUX100K microphones for extended 100kHz range and an MKH8020 was also placed inside objects when possible, proving very useful for its pronounced bass response.