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This new library pursues tonal metal sounds created using friction mallets and other techniques. Late in 2022 I invested in a range of new friction mallets, and my immediate favourite was the heavy Ollihess 70 MM Rubber Lava Friction Mallet. The weight of this large friction mallet generates such gorgeous bass frequencies I have started to refer to it as the BRAAAM KILLER!

Friction mallets used in this library:
1. Ollihess Rubber Lava 70mm Friction Mallet
2. Egong Wand
3. Inner Child Flumi
4. Cetacean Nation Friction Mallet
5. Rickstix Double-Ended Friction Mallet
6. FRSK FS Superball – as used on SD036 TIMPANI x FRICTION

The range of resonant props involved in the recordings include:
– a large stainless steel tray
– two kitchen sinks
– two trashcans
– two waterphones
– four vintage honey tins
– a large plate-steel safe
– two metal toolboxes
– a teapot, aluminium lampshade & dish
– three large vintage saw blades
– four large balloons
– an antique copper plate that shrieks like a mofo!

After finishing with friction mallets, I also captured some heinous shrieks & squeals by sliding the antique copper plate across the surface of the vintage saw blades. These sounds are so shrill they’ll make your fillings rattle, and at times evoke the feel of a braking train.

But the most satisfying aspect of this entire library is the range of tonalities. Each friction mallet excites particular frequencies and harmonics in each prop. Please do not listen to the previews or video on your phone, or you will miss half the spectrum! Studio speakers please!!

Friction Mallet comparison video: