SD057 100K METAL

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I began collecting props for this library back before I even took possession of my matched pair of Sanken CUX100K microphones. But it still took a lot of experimenting and thinking to decide on the best method for capture…. METAL represents an ideal source for high frequency capture due to natural harmonics but I worried that when it came to ensemble recording that some of these props would get damaged or break.
So my first recording sessions were to capture individual props, and only after that was completed could I risk working with multiples, slowly forming my own little scrap heap! And as predicted some of the props did not survive the session!

Some of the props almost sound like orchestral percussion: two stainless steel kitchen sinks and a large industrial tray which when played at half and quarter speed sound timpanic, perfect for stings & accents!

The more resonant props with ‘ringing’ decay will be incredible fodder for granular processing and drone creation. While the pipe hits, and scrapes lend themselves to real and to stylised swords and other impacts.

The heaviest elements came from the blown 2.4 litre 4 cylinder engine from my Suzuki – a catastrophe that I was determined to recycle. So after fitting a replacement engine, we disassembled the old engine and used every part for performing slams, drops, rattles etc… A solid plate steel safe also provided a solid resonant base for impacts.

Check the file list below to appreciate the full range of props and sound sources used. Recorded 32bit 192kHz using a pair of Sanken CUX100K microphones for extended frequency response up to 100kHz, as well as a Sennheiser MKH8050 for when mono is more useful. Released 24 bit 192kHz. The previews below are at real speed with a seperate set processed to half speed and quarter speed, just to enable a preview of the potential from such hi rez recording.

Half speed Previews:

Quarter speed Previews:

SD057 100K METAL