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11.47GB as 559 x 24bit 96kHz .WAV files • 6.43GB download
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HISSandaROAR FOLIAGE Sound Library

This is a library I have needed myself so many times over the years: real plant and bush movement!
Recorded across two seasons (winter & spring) this new library includes:
– leafy branch moves, shakes, swishes, passbys, hits, breaks
– palm, fern and flax movement
– pine, wattle, willow and kawa kawa leafy branch manipulation
– corn rustles and movement
– fresh rhubarb and zucchini leaves, and dead autumn leaves
– small scale leaf and twig movement flaps
– grass gouges, scrapes, footsteps and scuffs
– sustained ambience sweeteners
– slashing & cutting foliage with a machete
– clay clod, stick and dirt thrown into bushes
– bare branch hits and log drops
– slingshot bullet whizzes into bushes and ricochets from trees

Check the Making Of video for a quick preview of the range of practical sounds.
Captured with stereo MKH8040 ORTF and MKH8050 microphones.