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Over the last few months I have been exploring new aspects of field recording with contact mics, starting first with the radio mast at Whitireia Park followed by experiments with long wires (30 metres/100ft) strung up in my garden. Apart from bowing and percussion, it’s been fascinating recording ambiences, with the wires activated by Northerly gale wind and rain…

From there I progressed into recording some newly found junk store props, plus a uniquely shaped cymbal ideal for bowing… But it was research that led me to a whole new approach to performative friction sounds, as I slowly built a dozen ‘friction consoles’ using stretched canvas,cardboard boxes, glue and craft goods. These have enabled a whole new range of expressive sounds and while the library should be considered dual mono, some of the extreme pseudo stereo movement has deep potential. More on this to follow….

For a super quick preview of the new sounds in this library please check out the Making Of video, but the soundcloud demoes show far more of the range and style.

All recordings were captured 24bit 192kHz using dual Trance Audio Inducer contact mics