SD048 GLASS Practical FX

USD $99.00

16.2GB as 263 x 24bit 192kHz stereo .WAV files • 9GB download
Single user license with full UCS metadata & photos.
For multiple users please request a quote for a Site License HERE


Part two of a mammoth effort to explore the sounds of glass, this library collects all of the practical sounds. GLASS Breaks & Smashes, debris drops, moves, scrapes, dragging. Shards single drops, stress cracks, creaks & grinds. An auto Windscreen hit, break, crack and twist. Footsteps on single fragments, debris, scrapes, twists, drags in heavy work boot and shoe. GLASS Moves including pane scrapes, and edge friction. Pane Hits – small, medium, large with deep resonant ringing & damped variations.
And smaller useful foley-ish sounds: Wineglass dings singularly and two together as per cheers! Glass tapping – percussive, with decay & resonance variations. A collection of drinking vessel friction moves & scrapes, with lovely ring out. And lastly some tiny Chandelier bits with tinkle, pickup, put down and handling.

Check out the MAKING OF Video. Captured 24bit 192kHz dual mono (MKH8050 and MKH8020)





























SD048 GLASS Practical FX