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SLIME VOCALS Sound Library Making Of

One of the more unpredictable ‘skills’ I learned during COVID19 lockdown, was how to gargle slime in a vuvuzela! A while ago I saw a couple of videos of people making really great cute/strange vocal sounds using slime (the gross kids toy) and it got me thinking, how could I use such techniques to create deeper vocalisations. Before lockdown I went shopping at three toy stores, and started a daily practice of experimenting with my collection of slime and silly putty.

First I experimented with a Tuba mouthpiece, and three different gauge hoses. Mild success but encouraging results. Next I tried a set of three duck callers, immersed in slime to varying degrees. Wow!! After studying predator calling techniques at the University of Youtube, I added a hog caller to the collection and tried the vuvuzela.

Further experimentation led to extended techniques combining elements: what would the deep reedy hog caller sound like joined on to half the vuvuzela, filled with slime? Using different shaped vessels also contributed, via experimenting with a plate, vase, jar etc…

Also captured are some gross slime movement for creature throat, mouth, jowls, ectoplasm and mandible movement. Gross!

In terms of 24bit 192kHz recording:
Left MKH8050 hyper mic is close up, sometimes using proximity effect
Right MKH8020 omni is a little wider, maybe 1 metre away.
The dual mono recordings have been phase aligned
and are delivered as stereo WAV files for convenience.

Check out the MAKING OF Video to appreciate the range of these new creature vocals.
The worms are not real.