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PIPE REZ Sound Library

A full octave set of orchestral Tubular Bells came up for sale on a local auction site and while I couldn’t justify buying them, I did manage to rent them for a month. After recording many different percussive articulations (damped, free) I started to explore more unusual means of generating sound with them, all the while reminding myself I do not own these! Thankfully no damage was done, but some powerfully complex percussion clusters and potential stings and design elements were discovered.

A few years prior I had also bought a small set of tuned aluminium pipes and was always impressed by their rich harmonics and overtones, so after recording chromatic articulations as well as sound effects with both sets of tuned pipes I set about putting together a range of industrial pipes. Freed from concerns of damaging beautiful musical instruments meant experimenting with more extreme articulations was possible, resulting in a collection of high resolution sounds that are equally useful for practical sound FX and as music/design elements.

It must also be one of the worst kept sound design secrets that resonant pipes are invaluable source material for sword sound FX design, accordingly we captured a range of sword hits and scrapes, characterful complex metal impacts, chime and bell like sustaining tones that range from tolling bells through sweet harmonics to dissonance. Check out the preview sounds and Making Of video to hear some examples.




















And a backwards version of the video:

PIPE REZ Sound Library (BKWDS VID)