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TANK RESONATOR started life as part of the filtration system for a swimming pool, but it only took one resonant hit for me to start thinking about how it could be appropriated for more creative purposes…  
After much research (including performance and recording of four waterphones for the previous library SD031 MICROTONAL METAL) and with the help of a local welder, some bolt cutters and an angle grinder it has now been reborn as a MASSIVE Waterphone and quasi-musical sound effects generator.

With a pair of Sennhesier MKH8020s mounted inside the tank, and a pair of Barcus Berry Contact Mics on the surface, we’ve waited for the dead of night to bow, hit, scrape & slam the tank. The result is a 12GB library full of gorgeous resonances and unique source material, ripe for processing and creative manipulation.















Example processed sounds: