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9.7GB decompressed as 333 x 24bit 96kHz .WAV files • 6.5GB download
Single user license with full UCS metadata & photos.
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This library could be considered a sequel to our EMF Library although this time we have pursued ‘noise’ as sound design sound material inspired by the first generation of video games such as Defender™

Our first recording sessions captured raw noise, pitched & unpitched, from our modular synth, using Eurorack modules such as Zorlon Canon, RF Nomad, QR Rainbow, ErrorTools Dirty Glitch, Doepfer A118, Mutant, TipTop and Audio Solutions modules. We also captured noise from synths such as Roland SH101, Korg MS10, plus a circuit bent Casio synth, retro game and a bent Radioshack Reverb/feedback console.

Next we focused on radio, using a 40m dipole aerial with a Yaesu multiband receiver, along with DSE and Sony domestic multiband radios, scanning across MW, FM and SW to capture a vast range of unexpected textures, tones and strange noises.

Lastly we focused on noise floors, capturing high gain recordings of stereo cassette, mono Nagra 4.2, Roland 201 and 555 tape echo and a huge range of vinyl (including the blank flip side to a photography tutorial vinyl set)

This is a deep resource which responds incredibly well to all forms of processing and decontextualisation.