USD 179.00

You might think you know what a gong sounds like, and so did I when I started recording this library….
But after experimenting with some new techniques, the sounds produced reminded me less of a gong, and more of a bear with a sore head – I was not expecting creature vocal elements from these sessions but thats exactly what appeared in front of my contact mics.

In total we captured three giant TamTams (and frankly went a little crazy waiting for the 45 second decay) 4 Thai gongs, each with beautiful pitch, followed by a set of 4 Chinese Opera gongs (which do a very strange, natural pitch bend up). Lastly we captured 2 Vietnamese gongs, plus a resonant mini gong… Oh and one crotale… why? Because it was there!

A range of mallets was used with each, along with brushed textures. The final experiments involved hanging each of the gongs and spinning them on their axis – the complex doppler tones produced are simply gorgeous. The final result is an inspiring 12GB library of highly malleable sounds, rich with potential for many evocative aspects of sound design.