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9.5GB decompressed as 140 x 24bit 96kHz stereo .WAV files • 6.3GB download
Single user license with full UCS metadata & photos.
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Surrounded by technology we are immersed in electromagnetic fields and thanks to an Elektrosluch 3+ we have recorded the unexpected whines, hums, drones, bleeps and strange noise rhythms originating from circuitry, from the latest technology through to electronic antiques.
Apart from capturing constant drones & buzzes we have also used a camera motion control unit to capture repeatable slow movements and variations, at times taking minutes for the pickups to pass a specific emmitter – our robots hands are far steadier than ours!

This library is a creative goldmine of design source material, featuring hums, drones, bleeps, power ups and downs, strange clocked noise rhythms, static, unexpected whines and very interesting stereo movement as the Elektroluch sensors seperately pass discrete components… Some of these sounds are also nasty, harsh, glitchy & in a few cases the EMF emmission (of the reciprocating saw & vintage massager) are weirdly distorted!

Using a stereo LOM Elektrosluch 3+ we have captured the EMF emissions of a huge range of devices, including: Euphonix Series 5 Mixing Desk, Sound Devices 788T, Sound Devices 722, Panasonic BluRay Player, Sony BluRay Player, Sony PS1, Sony PS2, VHS Deck, Canon 5D Mk3, Atomos Ninja2 SSD Recorder, DV Camera Sony, Digital Point & Shoot Canon s100, Super 8 Canon 1014, LED Flower Toy, Fluorescent Tube, Roadside LED, Mac Pro Tower, iMac, Apple TV4, Apple TV1, Apple Mac Mini, Mac Book Pro Laptop, Lexicon Reverb, DBX Subharmonic Synth, Sep Mag Interlock, Dolby IO, AVID Sync IO, Vcube, Euphonix DSP Rack, Dolby Encoder, MOTU MIDI, Digital Clock, Dolby AD DA, Crown Amps, Tenori On, Label Printer, SYRP Genie Mocap, SYRP Genie Mini Mocap, DVD Reader Apple, BluRay Reader, Scanner, Apple iPad4, Apple iPad3, Apple iPhone5s, TV CRT 14 inch, TV CRT Portable, Battery Drill, Electric Bread Knife, Dyson Battery Powered Vacuum, Cake Mixer, Shaver x4, Battery Fan, Vintage Massager and a Reciprocating Saw.