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I've been collecting small sound-emitting props and musical instruments for decades, so my creative restraint for this library was to only record props small enough to fit in a suitcase – the result is an eclectic collection of fresh sounds, like a magicians case full of sounds… Perfect for animation, characterful game audio, unusual UI sounds, accents, quirky sound design and foley additions: hundreds & hundreds of small, fun & useful sounds!

Whenever I am shopping in junk stores I tend to search more with my ears than my eyes, and over the last few decades have managed to accumulate a formidable collection of intriguing props, and small musical instruments. Each has a unique character and tonality, the collection has now been immortalised in this new library of SMALL PROPS, captured 24bit 96kHz in stereo via ORTF MKH8040 pair.

This library also contains a number of performed sound effects which would normally be covered by a foley artist, but having access to such material can be very useful for sound design and accordingly a range of performances and articulations are provided with each. Please see below for a full prop list.

Perfect for animation, accents, characterful video game sound effects, unusual UI sounds and also as practical sound effects and foley additions.