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Inspired by the extreme range of tonalities captured in the METAL RESONANCE Library I have spectrally immersed myself, generating tones and drones ranging from pure harmonic tones through harsher atonal elements to deep, evocative drones. (Apologies if you are looking for the musical genre of metal – this isn't it!)

Each of the 308 tones in the library are categorised into perceptual groups (Chordal, Deep, Dense, Mid Frequency, Shrill) and tagged with the prop used as source material. Also please note: the tones are delivered at 96kHz at their original tuning i.e. not tuned chromatically. Due to the complex behaviour of untuned metal under stress, many of these drones contain microtonal elements which at times contributes strongly to their character.


Life is a beach


Life is a beach


Life is a beach