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The inspiration for this library originates from a Tom Waits quote:
“I’m still looking for the ultimate sound of a real stress metal clang. I wanna hear…. the clang of all clangs!”

So I’ve been collecting props for this library for the last two years – buying old spanners, pipes, wrenches, crow bars, hammers, rods, angle iron, girders… And then obsessively recording them: each of over 100 metal props has been recorded at 192kHz using extended frequency range Sennheiser MKH8040 mics.

Each prop was recorded with multiple performances in each of four scenarios:
– Hits suspended on thread, to capture maximum decay (plus alt takes with physical modulation)
– Hits lieing on foam, soft attack/shorter decay
– Drops onto hard concrete surface
– Drops onto carpet, with softer attack

Real clang alright! But also beautiful harmonic chiming tones…



Life is a beach


Life is a beach


Life is a beach


A total of 388 stereo 24bit 192kHz .WAV files, containing 3,088 sounds!