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Wind chimes can be incredibly useful for colouring an ambience with subtle harmonics – I used them to great emotional effect as a nostalgic/memory device in the war film Home by Christmas. But they are also incredibly rewarding as source material for creating ambient textures and drones via processing. Bell trees and mark trees have been used over the years for many forms of 'magical' sounds, but their rich harmonic content does not limit their application to Disney impressions.

Recorded at 192kHz using four microphones with extended high-frequency response (Sennheiser MKH800, MKH8050 and a pair of MKH8020s) this library contains a wealth of rich harmonic material, including eleven different wind chimes, ten percussion instruments (bell trees, mark trees, chime bars, glockenspiels) and four sets of bells (including some classic sleigh bells for any Christmas applications!)




NOTE: This library contains no Kontakt instruments or multiple velocity sample layers. These props have been recorded as sound design source material, each with multiple performances. Please see the contents list below for specific cues & durations.


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