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swish def

The english dictionary defines SWISH as a verb: 'to audibly cut the air' and in hindsight that's a perfectly evocative definition, as we've spent many hours in the foley room at Park Road Post recently, cutting the beautifully quiet air within, with every kind of object imaginable…


From whips to skipping ropes, extention cords to curtain rail wires, vacuum cleaner hoses to bungee cords, metal rods to straw brooms. We’ve revolved mesh bowls, badminton racquets, whistles, pipes and many forms of ‘prepared’ bamboo sticks…



swish Tom


All libraries are provided as a collection of stereo .WAV files, carefully labelled & tagged with Metadata compatible with the ProTools workspace, SoundMiner, Basehead, Snapper and AudioFinder sound library software.






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