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IR005 SPRINGS Impulse Response
2.26GB as 356 x 24bit 96kHz .WAV files • 865MB download
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This IR library involved a deep dive into using Springs as a resonator.

The first set of SPRING Impulse Responses are from my collection of studio outboard & rack gear:
– AKG BX5 stereo spring
– VERMONA Retroverb spring
– ROLAND RE201 Space Echo
– ROLAND RE555 Chorus Echo
– Buchla Easel
– Doepfer A199 Module with 3 spring Belton tank.

Variations were captured with the BX5, as it has three decay settings.
Variations were also captured with the BX5 using its great sweepable EQ, first flat EQ and then tweaked.
Variations were captured with Doepfer A199 Module as it has both pre-emphasis control and feedback.

The second set of SPRING IRs are from my slowly accumulated collection of physical springs.
Ranging in length from massive 3.4metres (11.15ft) down to tiny 140mm (5.5inches) and diameter from 80mm (3.1inch) down to 15mm (0.5inch)
These range in tonality, decay and resonance a lot providing a fantastic range for convolution.

The third set of SPRING IRs are from my collection of wire frame artefacts
Each of these has a uniquely resonant response, providing a fantastic playground for convolution.


In total there are 70 IR setups, which with variations for AKG BX5 and A199, total = 89 stereo IRs and mono IRs. Plus half speed versions of each stereo IR and mono IR, Total = 356 IRs. All IRs are provided as 24bit 96kHz WAV files along with a generic Apple Space Designer Plugin preset for each.

In use, it is such fun to skip between IR presets, to hear how any particular source sound responds to convolution. Similarly it is fun to choose a single IR and explore a range of source sounds, to see how they respond to convolution. The longer heavy springs tend to be darker in tone with dominant low frequencies, while the smaller springs are quite zingy. All of the springs are of course physically absolutely massive compared with the tiny springs in the studio outboard gear.

In many ways, the discovery element or unpredictable nature of convolution leads to sounds and tonalities we might otherwise never find. But a recurring theme with all audio convolution is that frequencies common to both the source and the IR are accentuated.

Beat Preview – 100% wet


DX Preview – 100% wet

IR005 SPRINGS DX preview
IR005 SPRINGS DX preview