IR003 WOOD OBJECT Impulse Response

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351MB as 222 x 24bit 96kHz .WAV files • 155MB download
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HISSandaROAR IR003 WOOD Impulse Response

Following on from IR001 GLASS and IR002 METAL, this library of impulse responses explores the acoustics of wood objects via two specific approaches:

1. Empty Wood Object IRs
Sweeps were captured using Sennhesiser MKH8020 mics, stereo where possible with large objects, while the very small objects were captured using DPA4060 microphones.

Wood objects varied in size and scale, from a pencil case to an upright piano, two double basses, two congas, a bass drum, Guzheng, Koto, two acoustic guitars, a Washburn semi-acoustic bass guitar, two ukeleles, two vintage timbales, two toms, a violin, two toy pianos, three kalimbas, a zither thingy, an Osi drum and two other tongue drums, a slit drum, log drum and wood block, koto suitcase and an antique fireplace ash box.

2. Pitch shifted IRs at half speed & quarter speed.
Processed versions of each IR are included, pitch shifting and slowing the IR to half speed and quarter speed to expand its use with a wider range of source material via easy preview.

In total, this collection contains 222 24bit 96kHz Impulse Responses.

Check out the Making Of video to get a very rapid idea of their use applied to a beat and to DX. There are also soundcloud previews of every IR below.

Also Note: Presets for Logic Space Designer are now included, to allow faster browsing and audition!



These IRs have been tested in the following Convolution plugins.

AudioEase Altiverb – check their great Pipe IRs video
LiquidSonics Reverberate
Avid Space
Apple Space Designer – Logic or Mainstage
Ableton Convolution Reverb
AudioThing Fog Convolver
Reaper ReaVerb
Waves IR1
Melda Production MConvolutionEZ (free)
Impulse Record Convology XT (free)

Please check the manual for your specific IR plugin to verify where these custom IRs should be stored.



































IR003 WOOD OBJECT Impulse Response