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CELERY has enjoyed a recent resurgence due to its alleged health benefits, but every sound effects editor has an appreciation of celery for its sonic character: so useful for bone, sinew & cartilage breaks, cracks and crunches.

I recorded celery, along with many other vegetables & fruit, for SD001 VEGETABLE VIOLENCE back in 2010, and that library has made an epic contribution to gore in films and video games ever since. But there are two things I did not have back in 2010. First I didn’t have a vegetable garden. Second I didn’t have microphones with extended frequency response.

July 2023 I planted a large plot of celery:

I recently harvested the last of it it as some was going to seed. But before I juice it, I decided to record it along with some fresh store-bought primo examples.

Crunchy breaks & snaps, twists & splits were performed along with a technique I disocvered while working on the film BLACK SHEEP (2006) where a human mutates into an 8 foot tall Were-Sheep!
Check this youtube video for an example transformation from the film.

By wrapping celery stalks in a towel, the sound is slightly muffled and contained, simulating sinew, internal organs and cartilage being violently manipulated.

Some stalks were also dried in the sun for a few weeks, to achieve brittle dry cracks & pops & breaks, compared with the far more juicy breaks from fresh celery.

Recorded 32bit 192kHz in a dry room using four microphones:
– Sennheiser MKH8040 LR
– Sennheiser MKH8050 C
– Sanken CUX100K C

These recordings are output 24bit 192kHz multitrack with full UCS metadata, photos and dynamic range intact with plenty of headroom.
Note: the preview has one sound from each file at real speed, then at half sped, then at quarter speed…