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This library is designed to help when cutting city apartment ambiences, with exterior and interior city traffic ambiences along with a collection of single car and truck passes for cutting onscreen sync passes.

This library consists of four aspects of Apartment Traffic:
– constant rush hour morning traffic, from exterior balcony perspective
– constant rush hour morning traffic, from interior apartment perspective
– single car passbys x50
– single truck passbys x50
Note: city traffic in NZ is limited to 50kmph = 31mph

Recorded with MKH8040, MKH8050 and MKH8040 in LCR layout with MKH8020 wide LR, providing multiple options for use.

How did this library come to be?
On a recent road trip I stayed in a first floor apartment on the waterfront in the city of Nelson. The apartment had an outside balcony which directly overlooked a main thoroughfare into the city. The first night I slowly realised the location presented useful recording perspectives, so the second night I set up my mics and left the recorder running until its battery ran out, capturing 5 hours of passbys, which grew sparser as the night progressed.

The next morning I swapped batteries and recorded the steady stream of rush hour morning traffic, and then I moved the mics inside, shut the big glass sliding door and recorded more of the same, from an interior perspective.

Back in the studio I waded through 5 hours of night recordings and extracted every clean single vehicle passby that I could. Similarly I edited the ambience recordings and created clean 5 minute chunks of generic city traffic ambiences from a first floor apartment perspective, interior and exterior.