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GOLF CART MiniFX Library

My Dad has been a keen golfer ever since retiring and at 90 still plays two rounds of golf a week. This year he splashed out and bought himself an electric golf cart and I immediately added it to my record list, and while on a recent road trip down South captured exterior and onboard moves on smooth tar seal road as well as on grass.

The recording setup was:
– Exterior Sennhesier MKH8040 x 2 ORTF to Sound Devices 788T
– Exterior Sennhesier MKH70 x 2 to Sound Devices 788T
– Onboard Sennhesier MKH8020 omni x 2 recorded to Sound Devices 722
– Onboard Elektroluch EMF x 2 recorded to Sony D100

Performed moves included:
– Passbys fast, medium, slow
– Start & away
– Up & stop
– Onboard various & sustained