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USD 29.00

BODY HITS MiniFX Library

If one of the characters in your project has to mete out some old school violence, we can help knock the wind out of their opponents sails with over 1600 body hits – from slappy hits onto bare shoulder, thigh & gut, to thuddy hits on Mr Lumpy (vegetable stuffed overalls) a roll of carpet, cushion and duvet. Also included are a range of subby sweeteners created with a Roland SH101, Korg Volca Kick and Buchla Music Easel

Captured with MKH8020 for extended low frequency range in parallel with an MKH8050

The bruises are almost gone now, but this library will keep delivering a smack in the guts to anyone you need it to, forever more! Along with body hits, we also recorded a range of grabs (single & double) plus leather jacket ‘wumps’ and body (Mr Lumpy) drops.