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EDITIONS001 PALLISER BAY was released previously on Bandcamp as ‘pay what you like’ and while these recordings were originally released as a relaxation/distraction aid and tinnitus masker, as COVID continues to challenge mental health this is a reminder of the therapeutic nature of sound, and also that this EDITION comes with our standard EULA, meaning it can also be used in your professional work.

PALLISER BAY is a powerful beach, exposed to the Southerly swell

The recording is presented in four versions:
1. Palliser Bay close waves on beach 60 minutes
2. Palliser Bay close waves on beach 30 minutes, then fades out over 30 minutes
3. Palliser Bay distant waves on beach 60 minutes
4. Palliser Bay distant waves on beach 30 minutes, then fades out over 30 minutes

These pristine field recordings aim to serve as:
– an evocative high quality listening experience
– a relaxation or meditation aid
– a sleep aid for insomniacs
– a study/writing aid and distraction blocker
– a tinnitus mask

Now available as a free download in four formats:
EDITION01_2496_WAV_close (for professional use)
EDITION01_2496_WAV_distant (for professional use)
EDITION01_1644_WAV (for CD)
EDITION01_1644_FLAC (for desktop listening)
EDITION01_1644_MP3 (for iPhone/iPod etc)

A note for locals: there is a very low-key DOC campsite at this beach, called Corner Creek Campsite which is often only accessible by 4WD, walking or MTB. During the week it is totally deserted, making it perfect for field recording… For the grand sum of $8/night for one of the 12 campsites, it is such a pleasure to wake up in the morning to the distant roar of the ocean – very therapeutic & highly recommended!