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Compared to New Zealand, Samoa has very hot & humid climate only varying 25-35C and with plenty of rain (average 3m/year!) accordingly palms and plants grow incredibly well, like a tropical jungle. That heat also means the insects are plentiful & loud.

This library was recorded in 2011 while I was working on the film THE ORATOR/O Le Tulafale by Tusi Tamasese. I made two trips to Samoa, travelling around both Upolu and Savai’i islands in a 4WD, capturing natural ambiences and whatever variety of birds, insects etc I could find for the film. I also stayed in an inland village where the film was shot, Manunu Village, and did an overnight ambience recording, waking up every 2-3 hours to swap batteries. This enables a fascinating opportunity to observe how night crickets etc change overnight. And the chorus of roosters that starts at 3.30am is so amusing….

I went out a few nights hoping to record some flying foxes and eventually succeeded when staying at Lusias Lagoon, on Savai’i and was so surprised by their rapid squeaky chattering. I had also never heard a gecko before but after a few nights noticed this strange rhythmic phrase and later on Savai’i I heard one & slowly followed the sound to where it was sitting, and got a great close up recording. I also recorded a few dogs having late night conversations.

Of course birdlife was plentiful and wikipedia says: “The avifauna of Samoa include a total of 100 species, of which 9 are endemic, and 5 have been introduced by humans and 23 are rare or accidental. 13 species are globally threatened.”

With such diverse shrubbery & so many palms I also made sure to capture a variety of foliage rustles and gentle winds. Palm trees, plantation and road side tropical forests were all accessible.

The infamous tropical rain storms featured in the film and I managed to record a couple of them, sounding like a freight train as it approached. Those are included in AMB0XX RAIN library.

As the film was set in an inland village capturing beaches was not a priority but one sunny afternoon I did go to Saleapaga Beach, rented a fale & sat and listened. The water was luke warm and the main sound was the roar of the reef about 100m offshore.

I also recorded some village activity, mostly indistinct Samoan voices before and after ‘curfew’ in the village, and into the evening as well as kids playing in the morning.

Samoa is such a beautiful culture and a tropical paradise. For most ambiences I have noted time of day in the filename, so you can feel confident using authentic and appropriate ambiences.
Recorded 24bit 96k using Sanken CSS5 stereo microphone and Sound Devices 744 recorder.
The library is released 24bit 96kHz with full UCS metadata and photos of each location.

Apart from photos below, I have also posted some favoruites to the blog here