Smashing Whiteware

The first video I ever uploaded to Youtube was this one:

Recording car crash sound effects

Recording car crash sound effects

Reversing a car into a pile of fridges – video was uploaded on 18th March 2007 and has had 93k views
Pretty good for a 4 second video, but I suspect the duration had more to do with upload speeds back then than anything else…

It was one of those fun opportunities where a friend had a car which could no longer get a WOF, so it couldn’t be legally driven on the road and apparently to the owner wasn’t worth anything. So they donated it to us, a Ford Telstar, to record sound effects.

The first problem to solve was WHERE to record it, as we wanted to destroy the car in every way possible. Eventually we settled on the local rubbish dump, which by paying a small fee to have someone ‘supervise us’ we could access after hours. And as it is a secure area there would be no one & no traffic nearby to ruin our recordings.

After beating the car with sledge hammers and smashing windows, headlights etc someone noticed there was a mountain of old fridges nearby and perhaps we could record some impacts with it. I volunteered to drive & suggested reversing into the fridges might be the best way, as it would protect the radiator & engine as long as possible. So thats me maniacally reversing into those fridges…

We called the recording session: “REST IN PIECES”

The last sounds we captured were when we tried to get the engine to seize. We put a brick on the accelerator and stood back as it revved like crazy… After a while the exhaust was glowing & we wondered if it was ever going to end, but eventually the engine started doing long slow surges and would slow down, slowly rev back up & then spluttered to a hault.

Anyway, those recordings proved to be incredibly useful throughout all my years of working on films. Whether it was glass breaks or puncturing the tyres or ‘foots on roof’ or ‘reversing into fridges’ any time I needed car violence I knew where to look.

So that has been the motivator for recent VEH002 SUV IMPACTS library and the new release SD066 WHITEWARE DECONSTRUCTED, which didn’t involve a car but it did extract some awesome sounds from an old washing machine & a dryer!





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