Sanken CUX100K Mounts

A few people have emailed me, asking what mounts & wind protection I am using with the Sanken CUX100K mics. I had the same quandry, especially as Rycote do not make a mount clip for a microphone body with as big a diameter as the CUX mics… So the local Rycote agents loaned me a Rycote Nano to try out, and this is what I found:

Using the largest Lyre Mount/mic clip that comes with the Nano, the lower mount is fine as it fits the narrower section that is threaded for mounting in Sankens own studio mic holder. But the upper part holds, although I wouldn’t want to move the microphone around too much as there could be contact noise as the upper clip is almost in a Z shape…

So thats the solution I went with, a pair of Rycote Nano windsheilds & mounts using the largest clips that come with them.

Rycote Lyre Mount is suitable for microphones from 19-25mm in diameter.
Sanken CUX100K main body diameter = 30mm

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