Impossible Things



Today I was thrilled to receive a matched pair of Sanken CUX-100k microphones!

The last major microphone purchase I made was coming up on a decade ago. December 2011 I ordered a pair of Sennheiser MKH8040 mics, followed soon after by an MKH8050 and a pair of MKH8020. Amazing to think of the impact these Sennheiser microphones have had on my work. They have travelled all over New Zealand, Japan, Samoa, PNG etc…And the incredibly low self noise has enabled so many unique sounds to be recorded, many of which would have struggled to exist with the noise floor of many microphones.

These Sanken CUX-100K microphones represent the dawn of a new era. I am no fetish-ist, the only reason to invest hard earned income in tech is for results, and I have so many projects which have been patiently waiting for this day to arrive! But first I need to learn to use these new microphones. My plan is to record a new mini library, as a test: recording with the new microphones alongside the Sennheiser microphones which I know so well. This will give me a side by side comparison: how does the CUX100k in cardiod Far mode sound compared with an MKH8050 in the same position? How does the CUX100k sound in omni mode, compared with an MKH8020 in the same position? What are the CUX100Ks strengths and weaknesses?

Once I have enough good examples I will share a free mini library with everyone who bought a library during the 11th Birthday Sale. I honestly never thought I could afford these microphones, and whether you bought COMPLETE 98 or a single unit FX during the sale, you have helped make this possible and I can’t want to share the results with you!