Echo Point

This is a location called Echo Point – when I first visited here 15 years ago, there was a sign saying ‘ECHO POINT – startling echo heard here!’
The next time the sign was gone and I wasn’t 100% sure I was in the right spot, so this time I was determined… The gravel track into the estuary is so people can launch their boats into that tidal stream (its part of a massive estuary)
I recorded hand claps and also Hyoshigi and they triggered the echos a bit but I also had a starter pistol with me and fired 12 shots at 2 distances, and the echos almost ripple/peel like thunder!
Recordered 32/192 MixPre10 with 8 channels: 8040×2, 8020×2, 70×2 and CUX100kx2, can’t wait to process & compare IRs!

This is from 15 years ago, recording with SD722 and Sanken CSS% stereo mic:

Echo Point, Takaka

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