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The fog

Just had the weirdest ferry crossing I have ever had… Wellington was clear & sunny, the strait was clear but as we entered Queen Charlotte Sound, a fog appeared…

At first it was quite fantastic – I only had my iPhone & Sony a6300 on me, but I shot lots – these are iPhone snapshots, will post others….

But then it got so thick, visibility was only a few hundred metres!
I could feel a William Gibson quote coming on…

The ferry never changed speed, and as a biker dude told me, “they’ll be on autopilot…”
But they did beginning tooting their horn.

At first it was a toot without much echo, but a few times I heard it echo for like ten seconds – almost drone like, and I guess that toot was directly into cliffs and an inlet…

A magic experience, especially as the ocean was very flat with almost no swell at all.
Spent the rest of the day shooting fog further in the Marlborough Sounds…

Eltro Information Rate Changer

wow I had never heard of this before: Eltro Information Rate Changer was a real-time tape-based device, with separate control of pitch & duration, from the 1960s!

Eltro Information Rate Changer


Thanks to everyone who exercised their creativity, below are some of my favourite submissions who all received a free copy of the RAIN RHYTHMS library.


Matthew Marteinsson

Fred Noel

Dron e Raindrop Beats

Paul Stretch

Great news: Paulstretch has a new developer!
New version here (incl iOS beta)

“This application/plugin is based on the PaulStretch algorithm (Paul’s Extreme Time Stretch, originally developed by Nasca Octavian Paul), and specifically the PaulXStretch version from Xenakios. The UI has been updated, adapted for various screen sizes, and built for the latest platforms.”