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More prop shopping!

While down South for my Dads 93rd Birthday, we did a trip into Lake Heron, as there was recent snow but the day was sunny with almost no wind… Lake Heron looked absolutely stunning!

On the way back we called past my favourite junk store & I scored some more sonic gems:

weird sounding small auger springs?
the pulleys are destined for a wind powered thing I am making…


this is a huge old whisky bottle, it must be 2 liters or more and swings freely…
I figure there has to be an interesting use for it, maybe as a slow gravity pendulum


a crusty old lego truck… which makes such cute clackety sounds when it moves as the little concrete mixer rotates


I picked up this huge paella dish & tapped it… it sounds like a gong!

Good random shopping!



Junk Store Prop Shopping

Visited Overflow in Mayfield, my favourite junk store and scored some great sonic props!!

The biggest spring I’ve ever seen!!
It would be 300mm diameter, 2 metres long…
& does laser klangs like a mofo!
(Its actually an auger eg for feeding grain into a silo, truck or trailer)



35mm platter from a projector



70mm platter from a projector!



A couple of very large, very resonant pots



A resonant tray, 2 egg cup springs and a big heavy old cowbell!


Good shopping!!



UPDATE: Me & my Dad went for drive on Sunday, and we managed to call past Overflow for a quick second visit… And guess what? I bought a second large spring/auger! I thought buying the first one was already nuts as it is so large it’s quite hard to fit in the car! But after playing with it a bit & thinking about its potential (bass shaker/contact mic effected loop with feedback) I just had to go back & get the second one…. They are both similar length – about 2 metres = 6.5 x 12″ vinyl/feet


a GIANT stereo spring reverb with cross feedback loops is in my future!